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A&D EK-3000EP - 3000g x 0.1g Intrinsically Safe FM/C Approved Canada

SKU: EK-3000EP~ea

SKU: EK-3000EP~ea

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Discontinued - Please see A&D EK-3000AEP


The A&D EK-3000EP  Extraction Lab precision bench scale has a capacity of 3000 grams with a readability of 0.1 grams and a 5.24 x 6.69-inch pan size. Compact, lightweight and affordable. FM & FMc approved for excellent explosion protection. Portable and battery powered, requiring no power supply from a safe area. Get it today and start using it today. C1D1 compliant for Cannabis and hemp extraction labs 

A&D - EK-3000EP
Capacity 3000 g
Readability 0.1 g
Pan Size 5.24 x 6.69"
Repeatability (standard deviation) 0.1 g
Linearity ±0.2 g
Sensitivity Drift ±20 ppm / °C (10 - 30°C / 50 - 86°F)
Counting mode Minimum unit weight: 0.1 g
Number of samples: 5, 10, 25, 50 or 100 pieces
Percent mode Minimum % display: 0.1%
Minimum 100% weight: 10 g
Operating temperature range 0 to 40°C / 32 to 104°F, less than 85% R.H. (non-condensing)
Zone standards - FM / FMc Aex / Ex ia IIB T3
Class / division standards (US) IS / I / 1 / C,D / T3C
Battery life Approximately 250 hours (with 4 AA alkaline batteries, backlight off)
Net weight 3.3 lbs (1.5 kg)
Calibration weight 3000 g
Shipping weight/dimensions 5 lbs / 12 x 10 x 4 inches


Download(s) Available: EK-EP Series Literature
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