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V2 Automatic Powder Trickler for A&D FX-120i | Cambridge Environmental

SKU: ATP-V2~ea

SKU: ATP-V2~ea

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This unique powder trickling system packages the accuracy of a high quality scale with the speed of an electronic dispenser. Never bend over your scale with tweezers again.

Just set your target, scoop a partial charge and it will finish to +/- 1 kernel in a few seconds.

Brought to you by, for use with the scale of your choice. No scale, no problem - Cambridge has a large variety of scales to offer for one stop shopping.

We recommend the FX - 120I from A&D Weighing - super fast, stable and accurate. The FX - 120I is able to produce accurate readouts in seconds and provides reliability you can trust.

Download(s) Available:
ATP-V2 Instructions
ATP-V2 Optimization Guide