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Remote Controller

SKU: AD-8922A~ea

SKU: AD-8922A~ea

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Power Consumption: Appx. 11VA, including AC Adapter
Display: 7 Digit VFD, 13mm
Signal: RS-232C
Baud Rate: 600 bps ~ 1,900 bps
Length, Parity Bit: 7 bits-even, 7 bits-odd, 8 bits-none
Stop Bits: 1 or 2
Terminator: or
Dimensions (HWD): 170 x 238 x 132 mm / 6.7 x 9.4 x 5.2"
New Weight: Appx. 1kg / 2.2 lb
Standard Accessories: AC Adapter, instruction manual, & 7 cable
with DB-25 male for weighing device
Units: 1 Controller

Model AD-8922 provides both an external weight display and remote operator controls for virtually all A&D balances
and scales

For RS-232C Interface:
HM, HR, FP, EW-G, EK-G, EK-H, FS, FS-KL, & FG require optional RS-232C Interface.
For Cable Connection to weigh device:
DB-9F to DB-9F (purchase separately) required for EK-i, EW-i, GH, HR-i, FC-i, & FC-Si
A&D Part# KO:577-200 (purchased separately) required for HV-G,&HW-G, HV-WP, &HW-WP

Download Available: AD-8922 Manual