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Electrostatic Fieldmeter - AD-1684

SKU: AD-1684~ea

SKU: AD-1684~ea

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The AD-1684 is an electrostatic field meter designed for detecting the existence of static electricity, which is often the cause of inaccurate weighing.
The AD-1684 can be used for measuring the electrostatic charge of measured objects or on automated factory lines and for confirming the effect of a static eliminator (e.g. the AD-1683)

Compact and Light Body
Large, easy-to-read LCD
Amount of the electrostatic charge is displayed as a bar graph
Hold Function
Possible to measure the ion balance of a static elimination device

Range: 0 ~ ±1.49kV (low range), ±1.0kV~20.0kV (high range), 0~±200V (ion balance measuring range)
Power Supply: 9V battery (006P) x 1, Approx, 30 hours (max.)
Size: 123 x 73 x 25mm (LxWxH)
Weight: Approx. 170g