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Tabletop Breeze Break, 27" W x 28.5" H x24" D - AD-1672

SKU: AD-1672~ea

SKU: AD-1672~ea

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Laboratories are typically kept at a constant temperature by air conditioning. Contrary to what you may believe, a strict temperature control can adversely affect the stability of a micro analytical balance when the air conditioning causes strong air circulation and minute repeated temperature fluctuations around the set temperature.

The AD-1672 is effective in shielding your balance from such disturbances.
Shields a highly sensitive analytical balance from breezes and minute temperature changes caused by air conditioning or people passing by.
Consists of antistatic plastic panels to minimize the effect of static electricity on the balance
Possible to pass RS-232C and AC adapter cables through two guides at the bottom of the back side
Ready to assemble and easy to move from one location to another

Material ------ Transparent panel: Antistatic vinyl chloride
Frame: Aluminum
Dimensions ------ 680 (W) × 600 (D) × 720 (H) mm
Weight ------ Approx. 10 kg

Download(s) Available: AD-1672 Manual