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Sales Taxes

Canadian Customers: We collect and remit sales taxes based on the province orders are delivered to. Quebec Sales Tax is charged to customers located in Quebec. Please contact us if you have a TVQ number.

US Customers: Tax laws vary by state and local requirements. Cambridge Environmental is registered to collect taxes in some states. If you are not charged sales taxes at time of purchase you may be required to pay use taxes depending on your state and location.

Use tax is similar to sales tax. The difference is who pays the tax to the state. Sales Tax is collected and paid to the state by the seller. Use tax is paid directly to the state by the buyer. When you buy something over the internet or other remote means, and the seller does not collect sales tax, it does not mean the purchase is tax-free. If you live in a state that has a sales tax, you may be required to report the purchase and pay use tax. **For specific details about sales and use taxes, please consult the Department of Revenue in your state, or a tax professional.**

Sales taxes are charged in the following states: Georgia, Idaho, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and Washington.