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[+] Apparel
[+] Applicators
[+] Bags
[+] Balances & Scales
[+] Baths
[+] Beakers
[+] Bench Protectors
[+] Bottles
[+] Brushes
[+] Burettes
[+] Burners
[+] Carts
[+] Centrifuges
[+] Centrifuge Tubes
[+] Chemicals
[+] Clamps & Supports
[+] Cleaning Aids
  Clearance Items
[+] Condensers
[+] Conductivity
[+] Crucibles
[+] Cylinders
[+] Desiccators
[+] Dishes
[+] Dispensers
[+] Dissection
[+] Environmental
[+] Film and Foils
[+] Filtration
[+] Flasks
[+] Fume Hoods
[+] Funnels
[+] Furnaces
[+] Gloves
[+] Heating Mantles
[+] Hot Plates
[+] Hydrometers
[+] Incubators
[+] Microscopes
[+] Milk Testing
[+] Mortars & Pestles
[+] Ovens
[+] pH Testing
[+] Pipettes
[+] Pipettors
[+] Pumps
[+] Racks
[+] Refractometers
[+] Refrigerators and Freezers
[+] Safety
[+] Samplers
[+] Scoops
[+] Sieves
[+] Spatulas
[+] Stirring
[+] Stoppers & Corks
  Storage Cases
[+] Syringe
[+] Thermometers
[+] Timers
[+] Titration
[+] Tongs
[+] Trays
[+] Tubes
[+] Tubing
[+] Vials
[+] Viscosity
[+] Water
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Terms, Conditions and Policies

Prices: All prices are in Canadian dollars and are F.O.B. Komoka, Ontario.  You can confirm price and availability or get a quoted price with us by phone, fax or email. All prices are current but are subject to change without notice.

If you are ordering from the US and would like to pay in US dollars please call us for US pricing. Online orders will be in Canadian dollars.

Specifications:  While we make every attempt to ensure accuracte product specifications. Product specifications are subject to change without notice.

Terms of Payment:  Online orders can be paid with Visa, Master Card or American Express. If you wish to establish 30 day credit or are a customer who already has an account with us, your terms will still apply. New customers who are requesting terms will be required to fill out and complete a credit application form.  This can be downloaded in PDF format, completed and emailed or faxed back to us.

Taxes:  For sales within Canada, HST or GST will be applied, if applicable, and based on the provincial tax rates where products are sold to. If you are exempt, a certificate or written confirmation must be provided with the appropriate exemption certification.

Freight:  Shipments are sent f.o.b. Komoka, Ontario unless other arrangements are established.  Freight charges are unknown at the time of order creation.  For prepaid shipments we will determine the most expedient and economical method.  Freight and insurance will be added to your invoice and will be determined by the weight and dimensions of the package. Cambridge Environmental Products Inc. will not be liable for any claim, loss, or damage caused in whole or in part due to delay in or failure to make delivery when the delay is directly or indirectly caused by act of God; strike or other labor difficulty; transpiration problems; inability or delay in act of any civil or military authority; act of war; or act of purchaser; or by the occurrence of any other contingency beyond our reasonable control.  In such event, the day of delivery or time for completion shall be postponed by such length of time as may be reasonably necessary.

Minimum Order:  There is no minimum order requirement.

Backorders:  If an item is not in stock when you place your order we will give you an expected delivery date and advise you.  For online orders it is our policy to hold orders with back orders until they can ship complete.  If your order does have back orders you will be notified and have the option of waiting for the order to be complete or removing the items on back order.  Orders that are placed with traditional purchase orders and will be given confirmations with items shipped out and back order items advised.

Return Policy:  We want you to be satisfied and make every attempt to list quality product.  If you do need to return a product please call us at 1-800-535-3751 or email us at [email protected] to request a Return authorization.  We will need a reference number from the packing list or invoice and a reason for return.

We reserve the right to make the final determination if items can be sent back.  We cannot accept back for return.

  • opened liquids
  • expired products with a specified shelf life
  • items purchased more than 30 days prior, unless an item is under warranty.
  • special order items that are not listed in the online catalogue.
  • sterile items
  • items with a calibration certificate

 Mistakes are costly for everyone.  A standard 15% restocking fee will apply if the product is returned for a non specific reason.  We reserve the right to determine if the restocking fee will apply.   The product must be in its original packaging, complete and unused.

Warranty:  Cambridge Environmental Products Inc. warrants products sold against defects in material or workmanship as follows:  Cambridge Environmental will repair or replace any defective product unit at no charge, or refund the purchase price to the purchaser, provided that: (a) the warranty claim is made in writing within the period of timed specified by the manufacturer or in the information enclosed with the product packaging, (b) proof of purchase by bill of sale or receipted invoice is submitted concurrently with the claim and shows that the product is within the applicable warranty period, and (c) the purchaser follows the return procedure listed is the policies here.  We will work with our suppliers and will do all that we can for our customers, but generally warranties shall not apply to defects or damage resulting from: (a) misuse of the product, (b) use of the product for something other than it was meant to be used for (c) accident or neglect, (d) improper testing, operation, maintenance, service or repair, installation or storage, (e) unauthorized alteration or modification and (f) post expiration dated materials.

Claims: Your order is picked, double checked and packed with care.  If the shipment appears damaged at the time of receipt please have the carrier make a note on the freight bill.  If a damage or shortage occurs, report the details to us immediately.  Please keep all boxes and packing material for inspection or return. 

Product Use Limitation: All products that we list and sell are not designed for, nor intended for, use in patient-connected applications including, but not limited to, medical and dental use.  These products are suggested for Laboratory, Industrial and Educational use only.

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